What Makes a Good Website Design in 2021


website design for starting a new business in 2021
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What Makes a Good Website Design in 2021

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You have your own styles and preferences that you should incorporate to your websites design choices, but make sure that you follow these good website design tips that will help you impress your customers with a great website!  

How to Choose a good domain name

Generally speaking, your domain name will be the first decision when launching a new website. 

How to choose a domain name

It needs to reflect your business and brand, if your business name is available on its own then great, if not – try including something else relevant to your businesses website. If you offer website design then something like ‘webqodesign.uk’ could work. It must also be memorable for clients and customers.

Imagine if two people were talking about your business and one asked what your website is, they should be able to say your domain and have it stick in the other persons mind – simple, effective and memorable. It should also reflect what you offer, this falls down to your small businesses name. If your trading name doesn’t reflect what you offer then I would recommend including another word relevant to your products or services within your domain.

website colour schemes

website colour scheme

You may already have a colour scheme used in your logo and other marketing materials. Certain colours work well together on the web, they should be contrasting and compliment each other and if possible – reflect what you offer and your brand. If you want to learn more, read this extensive article on website colour schemes. 

This is hands down design based, the more attractive your website is, the higher chance of converting traffic to a sale or possible client. We know this is only one of many factors, so read on to learn more about the others.

Reliable Website Hosting

Your website hosting service plays a big factor in the speed performance of your website, as well as providing SEO advantages in configured correctly.

Hosted Emails For Small Businesses

It is extremely important to ensure your website performs well.

Did you know, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load?

While there is website performance that factors into load speed, your website hosting is a big factor and if it isn’t configured correctly it can slow load speeds and impact your bounce rate.

Read more about the impact of website hosting to your page speed.

Good Content Management System (CMS)

It’s all well and good to have a fantastic website that runs well, looks great and even brings customers in. However, you – as a small business owner, must be able to run it or have someone running it. A website requires constant updating for SEO, bug fixing, new content, security updates and plugin updates. On top of the impact of more traffic on the management of your site, it’s got to be scalable!

A good CMS like WordPress makes all of this easier. While some aspects of website maintenance can still be tricky, you can always pay someone to run your website to your specification and perform this maintenance for a monthly amount.

cheap website maintenance for small business websites

Website Management Services

Running a business can be hard, so having all the responsibilities of running a website put on top of that can take time away from other important matters and result in sloppy work on both sides.

Paying for website management is a good idea to ensure that your website is running as it should, with regular security updates and audits, plugin updates and more being performed by professionals. If you have the time to manage your website, adding content, products or updating things then a simple maintenance plan is likely to be perfect for you to keep the technical side running smoothly.

On the other hand, if you want it all taken care of by having content updating, bug fixing and more then a more advanced web maintenance plan may be suited to you. If you are running an e-commerce store then you may require a more bespoke service website management service to improve the performance of your store over time.

Make it clear what your business is offering

It must be very clear for your customers, exactly what you offer and how it’s the best way to go. You can do this by having the right information presented in the correct places, also having it readable by good web design, well constructed text that is easy to read and planning out your unique selling point that is just perfect for the niche audience you target.

Start your website design project today

Now you know what your small business website needs, you should have a better idea as to how to start up your online business. But where do you start?

You will want to start by looking for your domain, contact us and we can go through this with you and help you out with renewal dates and the best domain practices to follow.

After that, you should look into getting website hosting ready for your business website. We have several greatly affordable and reliable website hosting packages available, with dedicated support – configured to your website.

While your hosting is being set up, talk to us about your needs from your website. Let us know what you want to sell or push to the public, how you want to display your brand and some information about your business and industry. We can take it from there and offer you the perfect website design plan for your small business with everything included that will help you begin selling and growing online.

We will get in touch with you now and then during the design of your site, you can view the site at any time and see how it is going and request any changes at any time during the design stage.

Once the design is finished, we populate all dummy text on the site with content you provide us and move on to the publishing stage!

After briefing you on how to run your new business website, we will publish your site for you!

About Webqo

Webqo is more than just a website design company based in East Sussex. We offer the extremely reliable and fast WordPress website hosting, SEO, WordPress management and more. Founded recently in 2020, we aspire to become the best option for small businesses to grow and improve their online image with bespoke website design for ecommerce or fancy portfolios. We are WordPress experts and are happy to share our knowledge and tips right here on our blog!  

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Not sure how to get the most out of your website? Leave it to us with our WordPress management plans, including heaps of advice and on-going development bringing new features to your site to help boost conversions and performance!