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Fashion Ecommerce (With a twist)

The Mission

The Founders of Swishup came to use looking for a totally bespoke solution for their aspiring money-less marketplace platform. The idea was to allow people to pay for a membership and get immediate access to clothing added to the platform by other members. Members can earn coins immediately by listing an item for sale and spend a maximum of 10 coins a day on anything they see in the marketplace. 

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How we did it

One of our more adventurous products involved a lot of custom development, creative thinking and hard work to create this wonderfully unique platform used to push the fight against fast fashion by allowing anyone to upload clothes, earn swish coins and ‘purchase’ other members clothes with absolutely no real money involved. 

This brought many challenges to the table for Webqo as there didn’t seem to be any pre-made solutions to help with the many different unique components to this site, it was built from the ground up.  

Swishup includes a secure members dashboard with areas for uploading products, viewing their listed items, ordered items and what they’ve sold. Its virtual currency ‘swishcoin’ was developed entirely for the use inside Swishup and has great flexibility for functionality such as deleting items which will verify the users balance before-hand, adding to their balance when you upload a product and subtracting on purchases.

It also has a fantastic marketplace area where you can scroll through some of the great additions to the platform and a very quick and easy checkout process! 

Problems we faced

There were many problems we had to work a solution out for, including the prevention of bulk buying for profit gain. To combat this, we implemented a maximum spend limit which resets at midnight – allowing users to only spend up to 10 coins per day.

Another issue was the adaptation of the money-less concept into the WooCommerce & Dokan platforms. We used these premade solutions as a foundation and stripped them completely of any transactional factors, altering layouts and data to convert these into Swishups simple, easy checkout process with no money involved for Swish Items.

About Webqo

Webqo is more than just a website design company based in East Sussex. We offer the extremely reliable and fast WordPress website hosting, SEO, WordPress management and more. Founded recently in 2020, we aspire to become the best option for small businesses to grow and improve their online image with bespoke website design for ecommerce or fancy portfolios. We are WordPress experts and are happy to share our knowledge and tips right here on our blog!  

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